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Reasons for joining

A diverse group of people standing and sitting on the roof of the Oslo Opera House in Norway. The modern architecture of the building is visible, with its clean lines and white exterior. The sky is clear, and the cityscape of Oslo is visible in the background
Ewa Daniela Burdon

Ewa Danela Burdon President of the Board

Dear current and future NPCC member! I have the privilege of leading the Norwegian Polish Chamber of Commerce, NPCC. What is the main focus? Henry Ford's favourite answer to that question - which we, at NPCC share - was: To come together is a beginning, to stay together is a progress, to work together is a success! Every day we try to focus on further development of the successful way of working together. Successful for NPCC and successful for our members. For you! We have gathered under NPCC umbrella many Norwegian and Polish companies representing various sectors and diverse business activities. Each member is equally valuable. There are more than 100 000 Poles living and working in Norway. They stand for various professions, academic background, professional experience and expertise. There are many Norwegian entrepreneurs looking at Poland as a perfect location for their businesses. They seek for subcontractors and for partners. And what arena could be better for networking, meeting potential business partners and for targeted bridgebuilding between Norway and Poland than NPCC? Each and every member is encouraged to promote own company on NPCC website and LinkedIn. So please, share with us your success stories, projects, products, pitfalls, failures and victories! NPCC will do its outmost to promote your services and expertise among our affiliates, business contacts and vast network both by the fiords and by Vistula River. We encourage our members to support us in building NPCC and develop the true Polish-Norwegian business community platform. Strong and visible NPCC means visibility of your business. Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together. NPCC is a fantastic arena created especially for that! For being together, and for working together! For finding synergies and inspiration. We can promise you that the NPCC will do its outmost to guide you through an extensive network, promote your services and products, stimulate growth of your business, experience and knowledge exchange, support of your interests at Polish and Norwegian market place. Michael Jordan said once: To be successful you have to be selfish, or else you never achieve. And once you get to your highest level, then you have to be unselfish. Stay reachable. Stay in touch. Don't isolate. And I would add: Become a member of NPCC! Share your expertise, obstacles you overcame, downs and ups and success with others; thus, become even more successful!

Reasons for joining


NPCC brings a selection of news and events from Norway to Poland and reverse.


NPCC takes your queries to organisations or people that can help you further.


NPCC may hold meetings and business presentations in both nations.


NPCC increases your visibility by promoting your services, products, grand opening ceremonies thus assist you with public relations efforts.


NPCC acquires customer referrals, initiate more business-to-business commerce and opportunities for connecting Norwegian and Polish professionals.


NPCC provides excellent opportunities for business networking, fostering collaboration and partnerships between Polish and Norwegian companies.


As a NPCC member, you benefit from advocacy efforts, ensuring your interests are represented in policies and regulations that affect the Polish-Norwegian business community, creating a conducive business environment.


NPCC focuses on promoting your business and services.


NPCC can facilitate contacts and meetings for your business.


Although NPCC is an independent organisation, NPCC can facilitate contacts with governmental institutions in both countries.


NPCC can provide assistance with cultural issues in business, and how to approach business in either of our two nations: Norwegian and Polish.


NPCC brings credibility to your business. 
You increase a positive perception at the market place when you are identified as a member of NPCC.


NPCC membership offers access to valuable market insights and industry expertise, aiding in informed decision-making for businesses operating in both Poland and Norway.


 You can use NPCC network to connect, communicate and update yourself on issues that impact your business.

Become a member of NPCC!

Share your expertise, obstacles you overcame, downs and ups and success with others; thus, become even more successful!

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